Sewon Introduction

The Global Automotive Parts Company

Sewon is at the center of the 21st century automobile industry with its excellent manufacturing technology and quality control. Our Management that emphasizes people and the manufacturing field is the driving force for the entire group. We are recognized as a global corporation over the forefront of Korea by securing technical competitiveness.

Vision/Business Philosophy

Business Areas

  • 차체부품

    Automotive Stamping Division

    The body parts, which play a key role in the car configuration, are the skeleton of all structures to protect the passengers. With pride in design, development, production and quality, Sewon is leading the future automotive industry by securing new technology.

  • 의장부품

    Interior Division

    Sewon's design parts accumulate specialized manufacturing technology and always try to secure the best quality competitiveness. With automated manufacturing site and real-time monitoring system, we make the best products considering customer satisfaction and driver's convenience.

  • 금형

    Mold Division

    Sewon operates a large-scale Mold Factory. We strive to secure the competitiveness of the mold industry, which is classified as a national root industry as well as the quality competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. We do not spare our efforts to nurture talent through the craftsman training system.

Company Information

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