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Sewon R&D Center

Sewon R&D Center was established in 1999,
We have the best goal in securing original technology.
As a leader of future automotive industry technology,
We will keep our customers' safety by developing new technology and manufacturing method,
We will do my utmost to give a greater impression.

  • 고객의 안전을 위한 품질확보 고객의 안전을 위한 품질확보

    Future-oriented new technology research

  • 기술혁신으로 미래를 이끌어갑니다 기술혁신으로 미래를 이끌어갑니다

    Fusion type high value added technology research

R&D Center Functions

    • Design
    • The rigidity, crash, vibration, lightweight, durability
      We are responsible for designing the auto body parts considering performance.
    • New car quality
    • When developing new types of vehicles, we verify the moldability and quality of the new individual parts, and review the unreasonable points of the assembly process.
    • Quality management
    • We are responsible for the planning of maintenance / continual improvement of quality management system, maintaining and improving quality management system in conformity with international standards, and evaluating system.
    • production technique
    • We are responsible for the construction and development of optimal new production lines through the introduction of process design and new technology to produce high quality products efficiently.
    • Technology Development
    • We are work on the role of foreigner, competitive bidding, investment and other pricing and customer cost reduction.
    • Research Planning
    • We manage the development schedule of the vehicles developed by each department of the R&D Center and manage R&D projects related to line automation and rationalization of production facilities.
    • Prior Technology
    • We are responsible for the structure review of the product, extracting equipment problems, and doing logistics review.
    • Development
    • We manage the new car project, review the drawings, and we are also responsible for the development of auto body parts and the mold production management.
    • New technology
    • We analyze new technology trends, research and develop new technologies and new technologies, and plan industrial property management and technology roadmap