Chairman Moonki Kim won the prime minister prize in the 'Labor and Management Culture Grand Prize' in 2012.
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"Employee welfare I take care of myself. Because human resources is a property"


"It is the manager's job to make workers want to find and do their own work"

This quote from what Sewon Group’s Chairman Moonki Kim said, who received the prime minister award at the 'Labor and Management Culture Awards 2012', which honors and rewards companies who practice labor-management relations.

Sewon Corporation which is one of the affiliates in Sewon Group has recruited local talent (83% of management from local college), open employment (24% of management from local high school), resigned from gender discrimination, shifted 32 part-time workers to full-time workers and 17 disabilities (10 among of 17 are severe disabilities), and the efforts for symbiosis development have been outstanding.

However, it is not unfamiliar to those who know a little about the Sewon Group, including Sewon Precision, the parent company of Sewon Corporation.

Chairman Moonki Kim said, "I run a manufacturer but I do not know the technical aspect of it as my major in business administration. As the president and executives of Sewon affiliated companies are technical experts, I only take care of employee welfare. Because people are wealth."

People who visits Sewon Precision’s head office located in Seongseo Industrial Park in Daegu and Sewon Corporation located in Yeongcheon surprised as one side of the plant has been made into an almost arboretum garden. Why do they plant trees that are not related to business activities in the high-priced plot of industrial land?

There is only one reason Chairman Kim explains. "Since automobile parts are made of steel plates, workers' minds are easy to cool down. It is to soften the emotions of workers while they are watching trees and flowers."

In addition, there are a lot of pictures attached to the wall of production sites of the Sewon Group. There are hundreds of pictures from the dressing room to change the work clothes to various production facilities.

The result of this picture system proposed and implemented by President Kim was more than expected. "After putting pictures of their family and my girlfriends, the productivity of the production site improved, and accidents such as industrial accidents decreased," said Kim smiling.

In addition, Chairman Kim boiled a seaweed soup for employees’ birthday party and upgraded the buses for the commuting service to a limousine, which is about 10 buses.

Sewon Group provides TOYOTA TPS (Toyota Productivity System) training opportunities for management and staff as well as security guards and a charwoman to train personnel regardless of position. In addition, even after retirement age (59 years old), the system which can work further is settled if any employee want.

All these welfare system has made before people asked for it. Chairman Kim, who invented various employee welfare programs like this, said, "I am practicing what I was felt not enough when I was working as an employee position in the past."

Based on this labor-management cooperation that respects each other, the Sewon Group has never experienced labor disputes since its establishment in 1985.

Lastly, Chairman Kim said, "I thank to the union group for receiving such an honorable prize". He also smiled and said, "I will go one step further than the union to make a company that can work even better."

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